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There is a map at the site Ebreguia and more detailed information

Reach Amposta by motorway E15-AP7 or route N-340. Then route C-12 goes along the river through Tortosa, Xerta, Benifallet, Rasquera, Ginestar, Móra la Nova, Garcia, Vinebre, Ascó and Flix.

: Renfe
The Barcelona-Zaragoza line has station in Flix
The Barcelona - València line stops at l'Aldea-Amposta-Tortosa
From l'Aldea-Amposta is a link to Tortosa. There is no direct link between Tortosa and Flix.

Bus: Hife
Tortosa - Deltebre Jesús i Maria - La Cava  (all seasons)
Tortosa - Deltebre Jesús i Maria - La Cava - Riumar (to Riumar only in july and august).
Tortosa - Flix (horaris)

Taxis in Deltebre
BRUNO CARRERA: Tel. 977 489 811, 669 140 697
JOSÉ PÉREZ: Tel. 977 480 344
JOSÉ REDÓ: Tel. 629 724 153
JACINTO PONS: Tel. 608 934 273, 977 481 108
BERQU S.L.: Tel. 977 481 546, 977 480 333, 617 480 581
DELTA TAXI “MORRUDET”:  670 272 235, 977 489 479

(price Riumar-l'Aldea around 25 €)
Kayak rental and kayak tours
Based in Benifallet.
Tel. 619 334 384 - 630 874 236 Tel/Fax 977 462 056

Based in Amposta. They offer kayak tours in all parts of the river from Flix to the delta (price around 25€/day)
Tel. + Fax 977 70 34 17, Tel. Móbil 607 95 04 08
Av. Catalunya, 41

Rogles Aventura
Based in Flix.
Tel: 607 775712 / 649 605865 / 93 2663821
Travessera Llevant, 1
Flix 43750

Camping Lake Caspe,
Near Caspe, In Mar de Aragon

Kayaking Terra Alta.
Pobla de Massaluca, Matarranya

 Activitats d’oci i esports d’aventura al delta de l’Ebre
La cuina de les terres de l'Ebre
l'Editorial Cossetània has also BTT guides, tourims guides, etc (in catalan).
Books and Music
Joan Sebastià d'Arbó: Terres de l'Ebre. A novel about the hard life of three generations of farmers in the Ebre delta (in catalan).
Jesús Moncada:  The Towpath  evoques the changes in the village since the times when it was an important transport center.
Xeic: a Ska group from Ebre country (Ginestar). Some of the lyrics are by several writers living in the area-. Their last work "TOW" can be downloaded from thier website; "Tow" in the literal sense of pulling the boats along the river, and in a metaphorical sense, pulling whatever is worth.
Amphibious travel
Want to try  my system ? (foldable kayak + foldable bike + foldable trailer):
My kayak is a Puffin II bought at Out Trade II
My bike a Dahon Speed.
My trailer a Carry Freedom
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