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Ebre & kayak
The river
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Lunch at Matarranya

I stop at 14h35, at the first wharf that I can find on the Matarranya right shore. I'm quite tired, the wind makes progress more difficult. I'm going to spend an hour eating and reading.

I get an snapshot of a dragonfly resting on the kayak; it has the shape of an acrobatic plane.

Paddling again at 15h35, Matarranya upwards despite the fatigue. I thought that I was going to find a narrow river, more intimate than the Ebre, but it is otherwise. I find more wharfs, one of them belonging to a camping. After that, the river becomes even wider. On the right shore there is a big extension with a restaurant and a wharf.


Faió is a bit far from the river but it has an excellent wharf. There are several options for accomodation:

HOSTAL ROCA, C/ Ronda del Amanecer, 25, Tel. 976 635 610, e-mail.
CAMPING FAYÓN, C/ Ebro, S/N, Tel. 976 63 57 40

There are the remains of an old train bridge out of a tunnel from the ancient village. It's a weird building. I can imagine as the headquarters of a vilain in an adventure movie. (km 3,12  Matarranya)

La Pobla de Massaluca km 3.5

La Pobla de Massaluca is located also a bit far from the river but it has a sports port and a development, before crossing the bridge. 

Kayaking Terra Alta. kayak rental

Camping Port Massaluca   +34676022779,, TV 7231 km 29

I cross under the bridge for the last section of the river

The navigable section of the river ends soon. On the right shore there are some tents and vans. I can hear what I think is a slavic language. I have seen slavic people before along the river. Although I have no evidence, I guess that they used to live near a big river, in their country, and they miss the life by the river.

Shallow waters,  reeds.

5.4 km on the Matarranya, probably with higher levels of water I could have gone deeper inside.


I go back until the bridge and stop for 20 minutes. On the sky, vultures flying. Paddling again at 17h30 to reach the Ebre. I had thought that it was going to take me just a bit more than an hour to reach the camping but I'm going to be slower because of the fatigue and some nasty wind upcurrent.

It's 18h30 that i see the last section and the buildings of the marina Badia Tucana.

km 131.91 Badia Tucana

I'm going to reach the camping at 19h50.

Landing is easy. The bar-reception is near the road, some minutes away from the river. There are mainly motorhomes, just a few tents. I check-in, drink a beer and it's dark that I plant the tent, cook dinner and fall asleep exhausted.

Camping Riba-roja,  Tel.: +34 977265083, Fax.: +34 977265140

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