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Ebre & kayak
The river
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Stage planning

Today there will be a meander with a "wave", the Magdalena Island in the shape of a drop, a long arch until Valcuerna, and another arch until the river narrows in Serra de Vallcoma near the dam. There will be 42.3 km (possibly just 40 if I had not made a detour at the beginning). This is a long and tiring stage having to overcome a big dam. In case of fatigue or if there is  wind upstream, the possibility of staying overnight half of the way shouls be considered , may be in Valcuerna where I had lunch.

Wake up at 5h30, some tea and biscuits, packing the tent, getting into the water at 7h25. One of the greatest pleasures of these days is going to be starting paddling at dawn. The Ebre is still .

Magdalena island

I spend too much time exploring an area. With a high level of water it would be possible to skip Magdalena Island. So I reach the island later than expected. An old building, like a monastery, can be seen, I guess it's in a ruinous state since it can be reached only by boat. If I had more time I would disembark and explore it.

Magdalena view km 187

km 184. I stop and eat some bread and cheese. On the mud some tracks can be seen, a bird, perhaps a dog? I read for a while. 

Paddling again at 10h30. I listen to some Vivaldi cello sonatas. I feel a bit tired, there is some breeze against the current. The sun is not too hot. There several convenient accesses to the river.

km 173.4 Valcuerna 

Stop for lunch at 12h35, back on paddling at 13h30.

On the opposite shore there is a hut for fishermen. This area is not populated, between Lake Caspe and Mequinenza there is no access close to a road. Valcuerna can be reached from Candasnos, about 12 km north.

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