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Ebre & kayak
The river
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Stop for lunch, km 204

13h45 I stop for lunch. Eating and reading until 14h30.


The blue sky that until now was cloudless is going entertain my afternoon by staging a show of diverse forms that keep changing all the time, like if someone was painting white circles in the sky..


This is going to happen now and then: when the kayak slides effortlessly on the blue surface with clouds, it is almost as if I were paddling in the sky, with clouds beneath.

I see more herons.

There are plenty of places where resting would be easy.

km 194 [D] Camping Lake Caspe

A metallic structure is the sign that I'm getting at camping Lake Caspe.

I leave my kayak among others rented by Lake Caspe Aventura (someone of the staff said that "it was OK). I pick my dry bags with the tent and food, register, have a "clara" (beer + lemonade) and peanuts. The camping is clean, organised, green and plants well kept. There a lot of foreigners with Mobilehomes that come here to fish. The camping offers several outdoor activities, from fishing to kayaking. I build the tent and refresh myself in the swimming pool. It is early and I still will have time to read and attempt a watercolour before having lunch at the camping restaurant.

Camping Lake Caspe,  976634174

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