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This trip penetrates the Delta landscape, flat horizon, palm trees, reeds.
km 27.7 [R]  Amposta wharf
Leaving Amposta the wind is even stronger than before and I must paddle with full strenght in order to avoid being carried upstream. Paddling near the shore the upstream current made by the wind is milder.
Visiting ducks
Along the left shore I find a little entry that is in fact a duck residence.

Some rest
Just before Gracia Island there is a tiny beach where I land and rest for a while.
km 19 Gracia island
I take the left, the island on my right, and soon the first buildings of Deltebre appear. 1 km after the island there is a Ship pass.

km 13.3 [L] Deltebre wharf
1.5 km after the first ship pass,we find another one, Olmos ferry. 100 m later on the left shore I land in Deltebre wharf.

Town, Viquipèdia

10.000 people but looking bigger because the buildings being two story at most, the town spreads horizontally.

Where to stay

Delta hotel, Av. del Canal, camí de la Illeta, s/n. Tel. 977 48 00 46

Hotel Rull, Av. Esportiva, 155, Telf: 977 48 77 28, e-mail:

Casablanca, Leopoldo Segarra, 49. Tel: 977489291

Hostal Paca, c.  Flamenc,9. Tel 977 267 394

El Buitre, Avda. Goles de Liebre ctra. Riumar, Tel 977480528

Sant Jaume d'Enveja
Sites town, Viquipèdia

Where to stay
Hostal Delta Park, C/ Dr. Canício, 10, 977 468 607 / 977 468 096

From Deltebre or from Sant Jaume d'Enveja several bike trails can be accessed, exploring the Delta, crossing the light green rice fields with plenty of migrating birds.
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