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Final stage, great expectations for reaching the sea. The landscape becomes more even until sky and river merge in the horizon.
km 13.3  Deltebre's wharf

"In the still of the morning, the wide girdle of sleeping waters flowed almost imperceptibly. The placid Ebre, calm, fatigued of landscapes and light, after crossing so many countries and making happy so many people, approached the sea [...]
The sun, gilding the mountains, slipped soft and fast -wonderfully- on the valley, and everything seemed thrill in living joy, awakening: the trees in the river shore, and the white farms, the green eucalyptuses and reeds, everything  vibrated suddenly, covering the fields with light and colour, pulling them out of the immobility in which they slept."

Sebastià Juan D'Arbó, Terres de l'Ebre p. 101
Shore and palm trees, reeds

The Sea!
Little by little, the river shores become thinner until the sky meets the sea in the horizon. A catboat passes nearby.

A tiny shoal of sand
After so many kilometers of river with land on both sides, there is the immensity of the sea. To fulfill this experience, just in front of the mouth of the river there is a tiny shoal of sand. I get out of the kayak and, if I don't look backwards but aim at the fragility and of this insignificant bank of sand in the middle of the sea, I can remember a quotation from Macbeth where Shakespeare compares life to a "shoal of time".

From here, either you go west along the sea shore for about 2km until reaching Riumar village, or go back the river upwards until Deltebre.
If you don't have vehicle support waiting for you, you will have to call for a taxi to pick you up and driving until where you have your car or the next train station in l'Aldea or Tortosa.
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