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 From Flix to the sea:  9   8   7   6   5   4    |  3. From Tortosa to Amposta km  41.5  - (13.8)  -  km 27.7  PDF  |   2   1
This stage has plenty of bridges. One after leaving Tortosa, two more before Amposta, rail and road, and last but not least the old bridge that in summer 2007 was being restored.
km 41.5 [L] Tortosa wharf
Comforted by a copious breakfast, kayak assembled, back into the river. It's early in the morning and there is no wind yet, paddling is easy.
km 33 [L] Campredó wharf
Later upstream wind starts blowing, raises waves and things become more difficult. The sight of two bridges means that a rest in Amposta is not far away.
km 29.5 Two bridges

Ancient bridge in Amposta
Work of J. Eugenio Ribera, 1921

km 27.7 Amposta wharf  [R] [L]
There are two wharfs, one on each shore. On the right there is a restaurant where you can have a drink or lunch while keeping your kayak in sght,
Amposta is the capital of Montsia department, with about 19.000 people. I used to be a point of control for ships going from Tortosa to the sea.

Train station

Sites town, Viquipèdia

Where to stay
Hostal Baix Ebre, Tel. 977 70 00 25

Hotel Montsià, Av. de la Ràpita, 8, Tel. 977 70 10 27

Hotel Mediterrani Blau, Carrer Eucaliptus nº 1 Urbanització Eucaliptus (Amposta), Tel. 977 479 310

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