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 From Flix to the sea:  9   8   |  7.  From Móra d'Ebre to Miravet km  90.3 - (12,6)  - km 77.7  PDF | 6  5  4   3   2  1
Soon after leaving Móra I pass under two bridges. I pass Galatxo Island following the left branch and three meanders later I can see the castle of Miravet.
km 90.3 Móra la Nova (or Móra d'Ebre) wharf
Two bridges, an industrial pipe (km 88)

km 82.6 [R] Benissanet wharf
About 700 m far from town

Sites town, Viquipèdia

Where to stay
Hotel Mas Taniet. Camí de Móra s/n. 977 40 76 04

km 82.5 [L] Ginestar wharf
About 1000m from town

Webs ajuntament, Viquipèdia

Where to stay
Ca Garrió. c. Creu 24. 977 40 19 09
LIfe in the river
I stop often to look at the life that thrills around, seeweeds, birds, carps:

Still water
I've been lucky. Gorgeus day, no wind, I slip downstream effortless while I'm listening to some music.

km 77.7 [R] Miravet wharf

SItes town, Viquipèdia

If you've never been in Miravet, may I suggest spending there some hours, visiting the village and the Castle (guided tours on sunday, check schedule at 977 40 73 68).
Miravet was an strategic site for controlling the river. Muslims resisted until 1152 when Berenguer IV conquered it after a long siege and gave it to the templars. It was this monk-soldier order that transformed the fortress into the form that we can see today, a castle-convent, one of the best romanic religious-military buildings in europe. When templars were persecuted the castle was under siege again, it was won and given to another religious order. By 1835 as result from a law that expropiated lands and buildings from religious orders its property and use became private.

Lo racó del temple. C. Riu 14
Regional delicatessen shop and touristic information point.

Where to stay
Cal Pigat. C. Major 20. 977 40 70 13
Mas la Torre. C. Creu 2. 977 40 71 23

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