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From Flix to the sea:  9   8   7   6   5   |  4.  From Xerta to Tortosa km  54.3  -  (12.8)   -  km 41.5   PDF   |   3    2    1
From xerta on, the landscape is more flat.
km 54.3 [R] Xerta wharf
km 50.5 [R] Aldover wharf
About 600 m far from town

Sites town, Viquipèdia
km 48.5 [L] Bítem wharf
About 1000 m far from town

We go over Audi's island
km 43.6 [R] Raval de Jesús i Maria wharf
A suburb of Tortosa
Near Tortosa
On the left we can see Zuda's Castle, now a heritage hotel.

km 42.5 [L] Escorxador wharf
After the Escorxador we paddle under a bridge and then we can see a memorial for the fallen in the cruel Ebre Battle in 1938. After a second bridge, a rail bridge, on the left shore I land at Tortosa wharf, just in front of  Teodor Gonzales park.
km 41.5 [L] Tortosa wharf
On the opposite shore there is a big graffiti against the "Plan Hidrologico", now fortunately forgotten, that would have dried up all the zone transfering water to Valencia and Murcia for tpuristic development.
I stayed at Tortosa Park Hotel where I could leave bike and kayak in a garage and have a good breakfast the day after.
SItes town  Viquipèdiatourims in Tortosa 

Train station

Tortosa is the capital of the 'Baix Ebre' department, with a population of 35.000.
There are notable gothic and renaissance buildings, the Catedral, the "llotja" (ancient market), and Sant Lluís and Sant Domènec Colleges.

Where to stay

Hotel Tortosa Parc:
Conde de Bañuelos 10, 43500 Tortosa
977 446 112
It's convenient for its vicinity to the wharf. Single room 30€

PARADOR DE TURISME CASTELL DE LA SUDA - (PN****), Castell de la Suda, s/n, Tel: 977 44 44 50

HOTEL CORONA TORTOSA (H***), Plaça Corona d'Aragó, 7, Telf: 977 58 04 33, e-mail:

HOTEL BERENGUER IV (H***), C/ Despuig, 36, Tel: 977 44 95 80, e-mail:

HOTEL L'ARDIACA - (H*), Carretera Tortosa-L'Aldea Km 4'400, Telf: 977 44 56 98
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