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This stage has obe good thing and one bad thing. The good thing is the landscape in Flix's meander, a protected site. The bad thing is the lack of facilities for getting into the river after the dam and trespassing the lock in Ascó.
If you want to avoid those inconveniences there is another option. You can get into the river in Flix's wharf (km 112), explore the area, go out in the same place and then carry the kayak by train to Ascó (km 104.7) and get into the river there.
Arriving at Flix in the evening
I arrived at Flix friday evening. I left the kayak at the hotel and drove to Benifallet, left the car there, ride my foldable bike 25 km to Móra and from there by train to Flix. Before dinner I took a promenade to see the river that was waiting for me tomorrow.

km 116.5 [L] Into the river after the dam
The access is not easy. The river is to be crossed by C12 route and after the dam, go down some stairs. If  the kayak is heavy loaded, as was mine, you can not enter the river just there because there are some stones. You must walk downstream about 20 m to reach an appropriate place.
The meander
Just afer getting into the meander and having adjusted the sprayskirt, l make the first strokes and suddendly I can feel a perfect stillness. Silence, shallow waters. I can see the silouette of the ancient castle. The surface is like a mirror. As I progress along the ring I meet the village again, on the other side. There is a ship pass and the wharf.
km 112 [R]  Flix's wharf
Town site , Flix in Vikipedia

Train station

Where to stay

Hotel Nou Casino, near the station
Sr. Stroof  1
977 412 057, 977 410 751

Flix has a population of 4.300. Its castle belong once to the knights templar.

After the meander I see soon the great chimney of the nuclear plant.
km 106.8 [L] Ascó's lock  ( ! )
In front of the Ascó nuclear plant there is a little lock without any facility to land. You have to get out of the kayak on the left shore, carry it over the rocks and get again into the river. Although there is no strong current, it's really uncomfortable.
km 104.7 [R] Ascó's wharf
Ascó site,  Ascó in Viquipèdia

Train Station

Where to stay
Mas la Sènia. Afores 8, pol8. parcela 211. 977 40 60 70, 605 31 78 83

Ascó was also a templar village. It was a farming village until two nuclear plants were built in the 80s.
km 101.5  [L] Vinebres's wharf
Once Ascó's lock is over, I paddle again in peace until Vinebre's wharf. It is about 1500m far from the village.

Town site, Vinebre in Viquipèdia

Where to stay
Hostal Sant Miquel: c. Sant Miquel 48, 977405811

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