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The Ebre river flows in meanders between hills down to Xerta's lock. During sail season, usually from april to early november (check  the weir is in service and every hour opens for all kind of boats, including kayaks. Hors season it's possible to land at a ramp, at the right side at the beginning of the channel, and walk down to the lock's wharf. But it is a 800m walk and there are no facilities to carry the boat.

Weir's phone: 977 47 31 58
km 66.6 [L]  Benifallet wharf
The wind blows upstream and and paddling becomes harder.
About 8 km later I can see Xerta's lock.
km 58.5 Xerta's lock
I get there just in time for entering the weir, joining another group.
We wait until the water level descends and the gates are opened. Like a theather courtain raised after the interval, the river show is played again for our joy and entertainment.

km 57.6 [R] Lock's wharf
Just after the weir there is a wharf on the right shore. We would use it to reenter back into the river hors sail season.
km 56 [L]  Tivenys wharf
About 150m far from town.
Sites town, Viquipèdia, with plenty of data about the town and its history.

km 54.3 [R] Xerta's wharf
Here there is a nice restaurant where we can have some drinks or even eat lunch while watching the kayak tied up at the wharf.

Sites town, Viquipèdia, Fòrum xertolí

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Hotel Villa Retiro Resort 5*, Camí dels Molins, 2. Tel: 977 473 003,  Fax: 977 473 320
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