People Watcher ( I ). Secondary exhibitions in museums

Sometimes, when visiting a museum, I amuse myself with what could be called secondary exhibition. Besides the main or “primary” collection, I observe the other visitors as a kind of living “secondary exhibition”. Mentally could label them with tags such as “Youths starting to discover to joy of art”, “Kids carried by parents against their will, bored”, “Seasoned couple, probably with a whole life behind visiting museums”, etc. Quite often a gaze expressing wonder, intelligence or amusement  can be appreciated. The sight of people enjoying art is a beautiful,

Sometimes some real people can resemble a character in a particular painting. I still remember a girl standing at the door of a museum that striked me as a Botticelli’s Flora in Spring. Now I do often try to imagine to imagine the people around in a museum room, wearing ancient costumes unde r a spectial illumination, what would they look like if depicted by Jaume Huguet or Holbein the Younger. And the opposite too, the characters in the paintings, wandering around me in jeans and runners.