Almond trees 2011. Urgell


Urban almond trees

I have the location of two almond trees in Barcelona, in both ends of Diagonal avenue, Pedralbes and Glòries.


I visited them and shot pictures before the huge snowstorm of March the eight. They are easy to reach so that I can admire some white petals without having to take a plane to Japan when cherries blossom; a bike or metro ride is enough.

Brave trees! They challenge not only cold weather, but also the polluted air, noise, concrete. They make me think that a harsh surrounding is not an unsurmountable impediment for growing something beautiful, subtle and resilient.


Almond Trees Blossom 2009. Mont-roig del Camp

My anual date with almond trees blossom has been at Mont-roig del Camp, where Miró used to spend their summer holidays.

There is a lovely little route that crosses fields with almond and olive trees.
In the old church there is an exhibition about the painter and directions to the locations related with some of his works. Here is  “La casa de la palmera”.

Almond Trees 2008

A bike route in Empordà, through;, per Ullastret, Ultramort, Rupià, Parlavà (ruta 8 of “Pedalant pel Baix Empordà”) in a bright morning has brought to me the sight of the first blossomed almond trees this year.

Admirable, they are indifferent to human worries, they don’t care about next elections or whether we come to see them alone or in company, merry or melancholic, attentive or not, every year, following their own reasons, they blossom and replay this show, concert of light and colour:

We have the solo:

chamber music

concerto for soloist:

and symphony