Almond trees blossom

The TV set is back and alive. We can follow again the normal TV program schedule. Too many things not to be missed! Among them, and outside the sitting room,nature’s seasons program schedule. Its program listing features general rebirth in spring, alpine plants in summer, golden colours in autumn, that clean and tangential light in clear winter days and now, in early march, almond trees blossom.

We went to see them in Penedès vineyard’s, in Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs were we rode our bikes. The day a bit cloudy but providing an interesting light nevertheless. It must have been a cold winter because many trees were still waiting for blossom and it took some pedaling before we could make out, against a background of grey and green fields, the diffuse white clouds made out of the new flowers that, in coming near, become treetop structures and finally in close-up, fragrant pentagonal simetries.

We spent about an hour, looking for and comparing views, like if we were the privileged sole visitors of a museum whose pictures and sculptures lack labels and it were our job or play to guess who is the author, the school or style. O perhaps, rather than a museum with landscape paintings it is like a Noh theater play, in which the trees, players almost immobile during the whole act, burst in flower in the last scene?





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