A Visit to fall foliage exhibition

Every year when this season comes, exhibitions and galleries about colour change, from green to yellow, ocre, brown, are offered to the public interested. Here we don’t have catalogues as are provided in other places but it is not difficult to make a good guess if Montseny or Garrotxa are chosen as destinations.

This time we decided to do a walk around Grenys hill, at the NW of the massif, departing from Santa Fe.

The first rooms proposed a big surface covered by sienna leaves, trunk colons at both sides and the ceiling canopy still green. Mist, soft light, a scent of wet wood, the sound of footsteps on the fallen leaves. Firs, maples, chestnuttrees, beeches.

Extraordinary composition out of chestnuttree leaves.

A monumental sculpture? the big chestnuttree called “Roter”.

A note about literary suggestions that was not there could have pointed out that these forests might stage a scene of epic adventures, the search for the Holy Grail or the quest for the fountain of life and eternal youth.

A second missing instructive note would tell us that the reason deciduous trees decide to change the colour of the leaves is not because it gets colder but because there are more hours of darkness. due to the descent from the temperature as well as for the increase of the times of darkness at night. This stops the process of renewal of the green chlorophyl that has been concealing the golden colours that were already there. Ah! Perhaps the trees wisely cover their golden shine when the light is too intense and only reveal it when illumination conditions are appropriate.



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