Amphibious Travel

Neckar river the amphibious way: bike and kayak
380 km from Villingen to Mannheim.The river is navigable from Plöchingen.
Bags should be compact if they have to be carried by car, bus or plane.The green contains a folded Puffin II. The other contains the bike, the trailer (a modified  Carry Freedom Y) and baggage.

From bag to bike

Bike and trailer are assembled, kayak and baggage inside.

From bike to kayak

Once at the river, the kayak is assembled, bike and trailer folded and placed inside.

Amphibious travel!
Here some pics.From Barcelona you can get there by car, plane to Stuttgart or Eurolines buses and Deutsche Bahn

Map and guide for the bike route: Neckar guide from Esterbauer.

About the river and weirs: Wassersport-Wanderkarte WW3, Deutschland-Südwest  from Juebermann.

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